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Payment Adviser integrates with Deloitte Private Connect cloud-based accounting application

Payment Adviser integrates with Deloitte Private Connect cloud-based accounting application

 Accountants make bulk remittance payments direct from the app 

Sydney Australia July 2014 – Deloitte has taken the Australian market by surprise with the launch of a cutting-edge online application that combines shared ledger accounting, automated bookkeeping, benchmarking and client dashboard for clients of its private accounting business.

The app, part of a service called Deloitte Private Connect, incorporates some of the most advanced features of cloud accounting software and add-ons such as optical character recognition of receipts and invoices, direct bulk payments, automated bank feeds and syncing data to client accounting programs.

In a breakthrough for professional services among the Big Four firms, Deloitte Private Connect is based on an online subscription payments model and fixed monthly fees.

The service includes processing of supplier invoices and payments, general ledger, BAS activity statement lodgments, interactive management reporting, regular meetings with a Deloitte Private adviser, annual income tax return and ASIC company statement lodgments.

The app handles a large number of transactional tasks and Deloitte Private uses its practice management software for year-end accounts, work papers, financial statements and tax returns.

Deloitte Private Connect consists of two core apps, Transact and Analyser. The Transact app powers an automated bookkeeping service and incorporates cutting-edge technology developed internally by Deloitte over the past two years.

Apps automatically populate an interactive dashboard enabling business owners to quickly review key metrics in real-time. Based on the particular needs of their business, clients select from compatible apps conveniently grouped into simple categories such as staff, customers, marketing, product, money, and so on.

Payment Adviser integration enables Deloitte’s accountants make bulk payments direct from the app to any Australian bank.

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